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What happened to Dr. Emily Thomas on Dr. Pol? Husband & Kids

Things happened to Dr. Emily Thomas on Dr. Pol

Who isn’t familiar with the reality Tv show in National Geography Wild, ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’? And if you recognize that show, you most certainly know Dr. Emily Thomas. Dr. Emily is one of the most loved characters in the show. Her loving nature towards animals and how she treats them make her a fan favorite.

After four years of working with Dr. Pol, why did Dr. Emily decide to leave? Let’s dig deep and know about her retirement from the show, what she is doing now, her husband, kids, and net worth.

Why did Dr. Emily Thomas leave Dr. Pol?

After finishing her studies of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Georgia, Dr. Emily started her practice in a private firm in Newberry, South Carolina. She majored in equine production as well as large animal fields.

After working in a private firm for a few years, Thomas was sick of working and living in her rental house. Her friend saw an ad for the show and pursued her to apply. Emily applied for the job and got it.

Emily started working on the show in 2015. Her main role and job were to treat large animals. The veterinarian was so good at her job. She did not even stop working while she was pregnant.

Dr.Emily Thomas with her husband and children
Dr.Emily Thomas with her husband, Tony Thomas and children

However, after four years of working on the show, Dr. Emily decided to quit. Being on call every second of the day and new vets coming and going made the duty fall on the very few people working there. Adding all these to her responsibility towards three children, her life had become stressful. She was starting to feel unhappy making the double payment of no worth. Even after leaving the show, Emily has huge respect and admiration towards Dr. Pol and his work.

Where is Dr. Emily Thomas From Dr. Pol working now?

After quitting the show in 2019, the Thomas family decided to move. They now live in Virginia.

Emily is currently working as a veterinarian and even has started her blog. She started her blog in 2019 and writes about her daily life, vacations, love life, and holidays. She also writes about working as a veterinarian on the blog which she named This Little Light. The blog is a good read to know more about Emily and what is she up to?

Dr. Emily Thomas Life After Dr.Pol
Famous Veterinarian Dr. Emily Thomas

Dr. Emily Thomas net worth:

As a veterinarian and a blogger, Emily has earned a good lifestyle for her and her family. As of today (2022), the vet has a net worth of $500k.

The blogger also has a huge fan following on her Instagram account, thanks to her appearance in the show. She has 79.6k followers as of today (2022).

What does Emily Thomas’ husband do for a living? Kids

Emily and her husband Tony Thomas are high school sweethearts. They got hitched in 2007 and have stayed together through thick and thin. They are a family of five. Their first child was born in 2013, and they named her India Thomas. The middle child is Oscar Thomas, born in 2015, and the youngest Clavin Thomas, born in 2018. The family owns a dog and a cat.

Dr.Emily Thomas Dog and Cat

Tony’s life is not much transparent. He used to work with Emily on the show but preferred to stay behind the camera. The work he did at the show is unknown. Now, after moving to Virginia, the couple works together in the vet clinic.

Quick wiki table:

Full name Emily Thomas
Date of birth 1984
Place of birth Warner Robins, Georgia, USA
Relationship status Married
Husband Tony Thomas (2007-current)
Kids India Thomas (2013)

Oscar Thomas (2015)

Clavin Thomas (2018)

Instagram followers (2022) 79.6k
Net worth (2022) $500k

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