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How did Dr. Pol’s Grandson Adam James Butch Die? Did he Kill Himself?

Dr. Pol’s Grandson Adam James Butch Die Facts

Dr. Jan Pol is the senior-most veterinarian from the reality show ‘The incredible Dr. Pol.’ Nat Geo Wild forecasts the show. It is based on Dr. Pol’s daily life on the farm, where he tends to farm animals with his amazing team. The star of the show, Dr Pol, is incredibly famous for his long-run participation and his immense love for the farm animals. Many people are familiar with the veterinarian and his family since it started running on cable TV. Unfortunately, on 18 September 2019, after two weeks of celebrating Dr. Pol’s birthday. The news of the demise of Dr. Pol’s grandson hit the family. Adam James Butch, the grandson of Dr Pol, died at the age of 23.

In this article, we endow information on Adam James Butch and his sudden death. Read to know if Dr Pl’s grandson kill himself.

What happened to Dr. Pol Grandson, Adam James Butch? How did he die?

The grandson of Dr. Pol had to leave the world before he could utilize his potential. He was not linked with the TV series and was barely connected to the show.

That is the reason he was not so recognized by the fans. However, His death was a massive shock to his family. The cause of his death is not entirely disclosed by the family.

The grandson of Dr. Pol, Adam James died
The grandson of Dr. Pol, Adam James, died at the age of 23 years

At the age of 23, Adam had to be cut off from the world. The grandson of Dr. Pol was found unresponsive in the room and found to be dead while taken to the hospital. Rumours came to believe that his death was from various complications related to depression.

Did Dr Pol’s Grandson Kill Himself?

The family member didn’t reveal the cause of his death. Some fans assumed that hereditary cancer might have taken the boy’s life. We can assume the cause of death to be Hereditary cancer because his father, Gregory, also had to fight cancer until it took his life.

While others belive Dr Pol’s grandson killed himself, the reason why people think this is that no one from the family revealed the reason for his death.


Adam James Butch, the grandson of reality show star Dr Pol, was born on August 20, 1996. His parents are Gregory and Kathy Butch.

Sadly, during childhood, the boy had to lose his father, who was battling cancer. Therefore, the boy was grown under his mother’s and his grandparent’s guidance. Talking about the boy’s career, he was passionate about pursuing his career as a pharmacist.

The boy also seemed interested in participating as a social activist. He had also visited his grandfather, Dr. Pol, in his show a couple of times. The boy lived a short life.

His demise on 18th September 2019 was a massive tragedy for Dr. Pol’s family to bear. According to Adam’s friends and family, “The boy was kind-hearted, which is why he was loved by many.”

Dr.Pol and his grandson, Adam James
Dr. Pol and his grandson, Adam James


Born and raised in Michigan, Adam studied at various elementary schools like McGregor, St. Stanislaus, and holy family middle school. Kathy Butch, the boy’s mother, played an important role in raising him. The boy later joined as a Pharmacy Technician and got certified in it.

Talking about the family of the young boy, Dr. Pol and his wife Diane are his grandparents. His father, Gregory, died years ago. The boy’s mother, Kathy butch, sister Rachel, girlfriend Julia Shepherd, best friend, uncle, aunt, and cousins were all saddened by the sudden demise of the boy.

Late Adam James with his mother and sister
Late Adam James with his mother and sister
Full Name Adam James Butch
Recognized as Dr. Pol’s Grandson
Age 23
Date of birth Aug 20, 1996
Birthplace Saginaw, Michigan
Job Pharmacy Technician
Parents Gregory Butch and Kathlene Butch
Nationality American
Death Sept 8, 2019

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