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The Incredible Dr. Pol Cast 2023: who left the show?

The Incredible Dr. Pol Cast 2022 and leave the show

The Incredible Dr. Pol is a reality television show loved by American audiences. The show features Dr. Jan Pol, a renowned local veterinarian in Weidman, Michigan. Dr. Pol treats all kinds of animals, including livestock and pets. The show first aired on NatGeo Wild in 2011.

Dr. Pol Cast

Since the start of the show, we have seen several great vets join Dr. Pol’s team. Among them, some had to leave the show and pursue their own career, while there are some who are still with this amazing doctor’s team and on the show.

Dr. Jan Pol

Dr. Jan Pol is an alumnus of Utrecht University, where he completed his veterinary medicine degree in 1970. He is a Dutch national born in Wateren, Netherlands, on September 4, 1942.

The future animal doctor grew up surrounded by animals on their family’s dairy farm. He and his wife first settled in Harbor Beach, Michigan, where he worked as an associate veterinarian.

In 1981, the expert veterinarian moved to Weidman, Michigan, where he established Pol Veterinary Services right in their own garage.

The Incredible Dr. Pol Cast, Dr.Jan Pol

Dr. Pol is a trusted veterinarian with over 50 years of experience. Weidman is in a rural area, and he was the only animal doctor who accepted emergency cases.

The town had massive farms, so the majority of his patients were farm animals.  However, he also treats all sorts of pets from time to time.

The renowned veterinarian boasts of treating over 20,000 patients in his decades of practice.

Dr. Pol cast Charles Pol

Charles Pol is the son of Dr. Jan Pol and his wife, Diane. He is also the executive producer of The Incredible Dr. Pol. Since he was five years old, Charles has been helping his father in his veterinary practice.

He would tag along as Dr. Pol visited his patients. The young Charles learned a lot about treating animals from his father. However, he never dreamed of becoming a veterinarian like his father.

The Incredible Dr. Pol Cast, Charles Pol

Charles took on a different career path and studied Mass Communications at the University of Miami. He finished his degree in 2003 and worked at various film and television studios such as Nickelodeon and Paramount.

In 2011, Charles and his friends in the filmmaking industry came up with the idea of creating a documentary featuring his father, Dr. Jan Pol.

The documentary gave birth to the concept of a reality television show featuring his father. Charles has also worked on other television projects, and one of his notable works is The Legend Of Sheriff Gus Skinner.

He and his wife Beth also appear on The Incredible Dr. Pol. They have been married since 2018 and have two kids, Abigail and Silas.

Diane Pol

Dr. Pol cast Diane Pol is a native of Maryville, Michigan. Her birth date is February 6, 1944. As of 2022, she is 78 years old.

She met her husband, Dr. Jan Pol, while studying at Maryville High School, and he was a foreign exchange student there.

Diane is a graduate of Michigan State University and also has a master’s degree under her belt.

The Incredible Dr. Pol Cast, Daine Pol

The wife of Dr. Pol used to teach at Harbor Beach Elementary School before they decided to open their own veterinary clinic in Weidman. Diane and Jan Pol have been husband and wife for more than 50 years.

They have three children named Kathy, Diane, and Charles. All of their kids are adopted. Diane has worked as the office manager at her husband’s veterinary practice ever since it opened more than four decades ago.

Dr. Pol Cast Brenda Grettenberger

Brenda Grettenberger is a senior veterinarian at Pol Veterinary Services. She is a native of Eaton Rapids, Michigan and her birth year is 1967.

The right hand of Dr. Pol finished her Veterinary Medicine degree at Michigan State University in 1992. After graduation, she went job-hunting and saw the job ad for Pol Veterinary Services in a magazine.

Brend has been with the clinic for more than 30 years now. The expert veterinarian has assisted Dr. Pol in treating many of his patients. In season 18 of The Incredible Dr. Pol, fans noticed that Brenda seldom appeared in the episodes.

It led to speculations that she was leaving the show. However, Charles Pol, the show’s executive producer, clarified that Brenda has been very busy and could not join most of the episodes.

The producer stated that she is not leaving the show and will be appearing in more episodes in the upcoming seasons.

The Incredible Dr. Pol Cast, Dr. Brenda Grettenberger

Nicole Arcy

Nicole Arcy joined Pol Veterinary Services in 2019. She finished her Zoology degree at Michigan University and her Veterinary Medicine degree at the University of Missouri.

In addition, she also completed her Public Health master’s degree at the University of Missouri. Before joining the cast of The Incredible Dr. Pol, Nicole was already an avid follower of the show.

The young animal doctor first appeared in season 14, particularly in the “Of Mice and Macaws” episode.

The Incredible Dr. Pol Cast, Dr. Nicole Arcy

Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is one of the three female associate veterinarians currently employed at Pol Veterinary Services. She joined Dr. Pol’s veterinary clinic in 2019. Dr. Jones finished her Veterinary Medicine degree at Cornell University.

She grew up surrounded by animals which motivated her to become a veterinarian. The young Lisa was homeschooled from her elementary to her high school education. She only got to attend actual classes during her college years.

The Incredible Dr. Pol Cast, Lisa Jones

Dr. Pol Cast Who Left The Show

The Incredible Dr. Pol has been airing on NatGeo Wild since 2011. The reality show follows the veterinary practice of Dr. Jan Pol, a well-known veterinarian in Weidman, Michigan.

It features the animal doctor, his family, and the staff of Pol Veterinary Services. Through the years, some of the show’s cast members have said their goodbyes. Here are a few of the cast who have left the show.

1. Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas first appeared on television alongside Dr. Pol in 2015. She saw the ad that Pol Veterinary Services was hiring for an associate veterinarian at that time.

Dr. Emily is a University of Georgia alumnus with a degree in Veterinary Medicine. She majored in the treatment of large animals and equine reproduction. Her first job was at a veterinary clinic in Newberry, South Carolina.

Dr. Pol Cast Who Left The Show, Dr. Emily Thomas

After four years on the show, Dr. Pol cast Dr. Emily decided to leave in 2019. Her family was the reason for her departure from the show.

She loved working with Dr. Pol and the other associate veterinarians, but she could no longer keep up with the very hectic work schedule.

The family woman had three young kids and a husband who barely spent time with her. After leaving The Incredible Dr. Pol, Dr. Emily and her family relocated to Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. She and her husband now work as associate veterinarians at a local clinic.

2. Michele Sharkey

Michele Sharkey was part of The Incredible Dr. Pol when it debuted in 2011. The young Michele was still a student then. After gaining knowledge and experience from the renowned Dr. Pol, Michele temporarily left the show to finish her Veterinary Medicine degree at Ross University.

She finally became a licensed veterinarian in 2017 and returned to Pol Veterinary Services as an associate veterinarian. The young animal doctor again left the show in 2019 to relocate to Missouri.

At present, The Incredible Dr. Pol cast Michele Sharkey is practicing veterinary medicine at the Jones Animal Health Clinic in Missouri.

Dr. Pol Cast Who Left The Show, Michele Sharkey

3. Ray Harp

Ray Harp and his wife were huge fans of The Incredible Dr. Pol before becoming part of its cast. While watching the show, Ray realized that he wanted to become a veterinarian.

After several years, he finally received his Veterinary Medicine diploma from Kansas State University. Coincidentally, his wife saw an ad that Pol Veterinary Services was hiring. Being a huge fan, Ray grabbed the opportunity right away.

In 2019, he joined Dr. Pol and his staff as an associate veterinarian. However, after two years on the show, The Incredible Dr. Pol cast Dr. Ray Harp decided to leave for family reasons. At present, he is working as a veterinarian in Colorado.

Dr. Pol Cast Who Left The Show, Ray Harp

4. Scott Stough

Scott Stough first appeared on The Incredible Dr. Pol in 2014. He is not a veterinarian nor a staff member of Dr. Pol’s clinic. Scott is the owner of a dairy farm close to Dr. Pol’s property in Michigan. He is a loyal client of Dr. Pol.

He runs to Pol Veterinary Services whenever one of his farm animals has health issues. The dairy farmer has made several recurring appearances on the show over the years.

However, fans of the show have noticed that the farmer stopped appearing in 2019. The reason behind his absence is not known. There is still a chance that Scott will appear in some future episodes.

Dr. Pol Cast Who Left The Show, Scott Stough

5. Terry Anderson

Terry Anderson is the owner of a petting zoo and one of the long-time clients of Pol Veterinary Services. Dr. Pol is often called in to treat Terry’s animal rescues.

It is unclear when he first appeared on the show or when he left. He is not a regular cast member of the reality show and has only made several recurring appearances through the years.

6. Beth Pol

Beth is the wife of Charles Pol, the son of Dr. Jan Pol, and the executive producer of the show. They were married in 2018 and welcomed their first child in 2019.

Through the years, Beth has appeared in several episodes of The Incredible Dr. Pol alongside her husband.

Dr. Pol Cast Who Left The Show, Beth Pol

However, in 2021 she stopped making appearances on the show. The truth is that Beth did not leave the show but is on maternity leave. She gave birth to a baby boy named Silas in 2021. At present, she is focusing her time and attention on her baby. Beth will definitely return in the show’s future episodes.

7. Sandra Wisniewski

The Incredible Dr. Pol cast Sandra Wisniewski was hired as an intern at Pol Veterinary Services in 2012. She appeared in a few episodes before departing from the show in 2017.

Her family is the reason for her departure from the show. The young veterinarian has a husband and child.

The family is based in Michigan, so the commute from her home to her work is quite long and exhausting. It made her decide to resign from her job at Dr. Pol’s clinic and settle in Michigan.

Dr. Pol Cast Who Left The Show, Sandra Wisniewski

8. Dr. Pol cast Dr. Elizabeth Grammer

Dr. Elizabeth Grammer is originally from Lamar County, Georgia. She received her Veterinary Medicine diploma from the University of Georgia.

The lady doctor debuted on the show in 2016, where she appeared in nine consecutive episodes. However, in 2019 she stopped appearing on The Incredible Dr. Pol.

News reports revealed that Dr. Grammer had given her drunk husband a very potent painkiller which accidentally caused his death.

Dr. Pol Cast Who Left The Show, Dr. Elizabeth Grammer

The police later found Dr. Grammer unconscious inside their home. The bereft doctor tried to take her life upon learning that she had caused her husband’s death.

The veterinarian spent some time at a psychiatric institution afterward. At present, Dr. Grammer is still practicing as a veterinarian.

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